2013 ICAST Preview

ICAST is fast approaching and you know what that means! New products! We do have a few picked out that we are most excited about though we are sure there are some hidden gems still out there.

Storm Arashi ShallowPerhaps the most talked about ICAST announcement so far is the Storm Arashi crankbaits. Following the disqualification of Brandon Palaniuk these little guys came out of the mess and proved Storm still has some tricks up its sleeve.

Smithwick is also up to something with the ol’ faithful Rogue, the Perfect 10 features some new shiny hooks and a weight transfer system which should help aid in casting while keeping the iconic “Rouge Roll”.

You may remember back in February Rapala announced the Scatter Rap, we are pretty sure Rapala will be adding something new to this lineup at ICAST, they have just been too popular not to add onto in the coming months. If you haven’t seen these things the lure featured an extra-wide drift which can be the key to a tough bite.

Jackall Spade JigJackall is always one for coming up with something new and interesting. Take the Jockie for instance, a new topwater jerkbait that creates a popping sound when twitched, though we aren’t entirely sure how this gal works we are surely waiting in line to get one. Then we have the new Kawashi Mikey, sporting a cupped bill this swimbait defects off cover better than other swimbaits on the market because well, it’s pretty much the only one with a guard for the hooks.

Jackall also joins the company of other giants with the new to North America Super Eruption, featuring a reverse tear-drop blade design the blades are said to spin easier than the other blade on the market. Being a spinnerbait guy I am eagerly awaiting this one. Following that up though is the Spade Jig, this has pre-bend strands that give the look of a craw, meant to be paired up with the Darts Hog it looks like it should hook more than a few fish here in the states.

Though I’m sure we may be missing more than a few new products be sure to check out the Angler’s Hub for coverage from the leading websites in the industry including Wired2Fish, AdvancedAngler, RahFish, and Bass Angler Magazine.

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