2013 Bassmaster Elite Series Schedule

Somehow I missed this yesterday, the schedule for the 2013 season is out! Looking to me like the Elites will have another crack and breaking Paul Elias’ event record for the most total weight by heading back to Falcon. It is also nice to see that Bull Shoals got thrown back into the rotation, BASS must have thought a lot of the lake to put it in two years in a row. Perhaps to one I am most excited about though is the St. Clair event, being Michigan boys it is nice to have events like this on home waters.

Bassmaster Classic –¬†Grand Lake – Feb. 22-24
Sabine River Challenge – Sabine River – March 14-17
Falcon Slam – Falcon Lake – March 21-24
Bull Shoals Quest – Bull Shoals Lake – April 18-21
West Point Lake Battle – West Point Lake – May 2-5
Alabama River Challenge – Alabama River – May 16-19
Mississippi River Rumble – Mississippi River Lacrosse – June 20-23
St. Lawrence River Showdown – St. Lawrence River – Aug. 8-11
Lake St. Clair Championship – Lake St. Clair – Aug. 22-25

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