2013 Bassmaster Classic Fantasy Fishing Picks

The 2013 Classic is nearly upon us and the Fantasy Fishing season has begun! Check out our picks for the 2013 Bassmaster Classic.

Group A

Edwin EversMike McClelland: During the Grand Lake event in 2006 McClelland sealed the deal with a margin of 15-9, setting the record for the biggest blowout. Coming back in 2007 proved McClelland to be a competitor on this lake by coming in 11th with 66-14. McClelland is a sleeper with only 3.9% of picks in Group A.

Kevin VanDam: You can’t really count KVD out, with a 5:1 chance he will take the trophy Kevin is just one of those guys that can and will be a competitor. With a 22nd place in 2006 and a win in 2006 KVD is a pretty safe bet. Kevin accounts for 29.5% picks.

Safe Pick

Edwin Evers: Local boy Edwin Evers has an excellent track record on Grand Lake, placing in 3rd and 4th he is hard to ignore. At the moment Edwin accounts for 31.1% of picks.

Group B

Alton Jones

Alton Jones: Alton should feel at home on Grand, there are a number of similarities to Hartwell which he won on in 2008. With the ability to be very versatile Alton should be able to jump ahead of his last finishes of 33rd and 19th. Alton accounts for 16.2% of picks.

Mike Iaconelli: Ike has a good track record on Grand, finishing in the top 20 twice (10th and 18th). Ike has calmed down in recent years, or at least he has publicly which seems to have help his concentration on the water. With that being said when Ike goes haywire he usually wins or at the very least places well. Ike accounts for 23.3% of picks.

Safe Pick

Ott Defoe: I really think Ott should, and could take the trophy on this one. He doesn’t have a history on Grand but his river experience should translate into a high finish if not a win. Ott accounts for 32.1% of picks.

Group C

Mark Davis: Davis is getting up there at the age of 49, but in bass fishing age often works to the benefit of the angler, more time equalsGerald Swindle more experience. Being from the general area Davis has more-than likely spent some time on Grand Lake during the off season. Davis accounts for 10.8% of picks.

Gerald Swindle: At this point I’m pretty sure Swindle just makes the fish laugh and while they are full-on giggling he slides a hook in and sets it. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I’m just saying Swindle will figure something out. In the past his finishes aren’t great at 61st and 82nd but I think he’ll leave Grand with a check and a smile. Swindle accounts for 18.8%.

Safe Pick

Brandon Palaniuk: It’s been said that Brandon isn’t consistent but you don’t make three Classics in a row without being a solid-consistent angler. Not much can really be said about Brandon other than the dude can catch ’em. Brandon accounts for 29.4% of picks.

Group D

Jonathon VanDamJonathon VanDam: Jonathon follows the VanDam legacy and does it proud. Coming off a solid season Jonathon should be able to put something together quickly. Though Jonathon hasn’t fished an event on Grand I would imagine his friends on tour may offer a helping hand and a couple wise words. JVD makes up 21.6% of the picks for Group D.

Jason Quinn: Hardware is known as an off-shore guy and that may play a vital role in this event. The likelihood of fish holding tight to the shore is slim which puts Quinn in the position to place well. In the past he has finished 27th and 75th, I’m not sure if that gives good odds but late February should be the bringer of good things for Quinn. Quinn makes an appearance on 13.6% of the picks.

Safe Pick

Russ Lane: The guys has skills. In the last two times he fished Grand Lake he has finished in the top 50, though that doesn’t sound like an incredible feat you have to consider confidence is key. Being a ‘Bama boy Russ should have an idea of what to do on this river system to place well. Russ accounts for 29.6% of picks in this group.

Group E

Gerry Jooste: He already holds one title, the best angler in B.A.S.S. Nation history, and he isn’t even an angler from the heart of the South or the cities in the North, in fact he is from Zimbabwe. He is a five-time Classic qualifier which lends some experience to him and hopefully a win. Gerry accounts for 7.4%.

Mark Dove: Dove is another B.A.S.S. Nation competitor, this time coming from Indiana. Dove is also the oldest angler in the field at the age of 57, he should be able to lend his experience to this event on Grand Lake to seal the deal. Dove locked down 8.3%

Safe Pick

Matt Lee

Matt Lee: Matt performed great in the College series which should lend itself well to the Classic. I’d like to see this college angler take it all the way for a win, and I think you will agree he has the best chance. Matt Lee is being claimed by a staggering 44.3% of fantasy fishing participants.

The percentages are likely to change as we inch closer to the Classic. We will be there and I hope to see you there! Please look for us at the following booths throughout the Classic, feel free to stop by and say hello!

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