2012 Outdoorsman Christmas Wishlist

2012 was a year packed full of hunting and fishing goodies so what better time than now is there to pick up some new toys for yourself or a loved one! I have selected a few products I have fallen in love with and had my eye on over the past year.

Humminbird 360 Imaging

Everybody nowadays is equipped with a side-imaging unit, and many of those include Humminbird units. The beautiful thing about the Humminbird 360 is that it doesn’t require you to pick up a unit specially made for it; the 798ci HD, 898c, 998c and 1198c units are all able to use the Humminbird 360 technology which means you get can into the 360 craze for as low as $3,050 or as high as $4,800. The price may be a little high but just rationalize it as a way to guarantee tournament wins! Get your Humminbird 360 Imaging unit $2,000.

Minn-Kota Talon

It wasn’t long ago when the “other guy” came out with a shallow water anchor so Minn-Kota came at it with their usual flair and ended up with the Minn-Kota Talon. I saw the Talon in action a few times this year during the tournament season, the team utilizing it was usually on top and using the system in a way I don’t see many anglers utilizing it. Most people I’ve seen use the Talon in situations like sticking on top of a point or beating a deep spot from a ledge, with the rapid deployment of the Talon the team was able to pick docks apart then motor on over and catch their kicker in the pads before coming back to weigh-ins and taking our money.

Also, it is important to mention that now Minn-Kota has an adapter that allows both the 360 and the Talon to work on the same system. Get your Minn Kota Talon Shallow Water Anchors starting at $1,300.

Denali Rods Rosewood Worm and Jig

At the beginning of 2012 it didn’t take much for me to be happy with a rod, I had a bunch of the $30 rods you pick up at wally-world on your way through but that changed when the Fed-Ex guy showed up with a brand-spankin’ new Denali Rosewood. Coming in at around $200 the Rosewood is a premium level rod that I simply cannot be without now. The super soft cork was something of legend, with a few hundred hours of it in my hand paired with a top of the line reel I care as much about this rod as I do my guns which means you can have it when you pry it from my cold dead hands! On the bright side though you can have your Rosewood for around $200!

EGO S2 Slider System

Nets, they are a piece of fishing necessity, but that necessity may have just changed. With the ability to have a variety of different attachments and the power to slide it really makes this system a no-brainer. We tested the 29″ S2 system which extends to 60″, it is a great system though the one we received had a defect it was very promptly replaced and we even received a call down the road about how the new system is working. The customer service of the company is top notch and the product is right there as well. For you guys in kayaks the 18″ system is great for you and extends up to 36″, the 29″ system is perfect for bass boats, and the 48″ model is best matched to Deep-Vs with its 108″ extension. You can get into this net system for around $70.

Solar Bat Sunglasses

Being from the Mid-West Solar Bats are everywhere, no matter where you go more than likely somebody will be wearing Solar Bats, especially if you are around the spawning period. Solar Bat offers their shades in near 100 styles and they also offer some special gradient lenses which is their own propriety system. Being able to have a set of glasses that you can wear on days when the sun is out and a storm is rolling in, which is exceptional here in Michigan since our weather can change on a dime. You can get your Solar Bats starting at $20 for the solArmor – AR series.

Heddon Chug’n Spook

It is no doubt that the Spook is the industry standard for walking baits and the Chug’n Spook is just an improvement on the ol’ faithful. We had a heck of a few days with this lure, tipping the scales with around 20lbs of largemouth in the great state of Michigan, and on a 1,000 acre lake no-less! The Chug’n Spook features Tx3 Excalibur hooks which is a hook that we have been using for years, finally, the secret is out about those things and now we can talk about them on a regular basis. You can get your Heddon Chugn Spook for just $6.99!

Assassinator Crank Spin Buzz

Modularity, true modular baits are often seen to be gimmicky and not very effective, but Assassinator looked to make that statement untrue. I got a bunch of these earlier in the 2012 season and they quickly earned their way to the top of my list of buzzbaits and spinnerbaits, the shimmy they give off look fantastic, especially with the pearls in some of the skirts. Throughout the years anglers have been using the beetle spin with great success and the Crank Spin Buzz is a solid improvement over the beetle spin style system. You can pick up your Assassinator Crank Spin Buzz for just $6.59.

RAM Custom Baits

Crankbaits are a staple of my fishing arsenal and the RAM crankbaits have taken the lead in many of my fishing trips over the latter part of the season. The RAMs feature a hard polyurethane foam body which encases a piece of stainless steel that ensures your hooks won’t come out like they do on the other ultra-premium custom wood baits. I have thrown these for hundreds of hours, as has my father and so far we have yet to have one malfunction. These were shown to us by their marketing director Luke Winstrom who has a few videos on YouTube showing off these stellar unique crankbaits. They are on the pricey side which makes them a perfect gift for the holiday season, get a RAM custom crankbait for the sportsman in your life for $22.

Quaker Boy Turkey Thugs Box Blade 

When it comes to box calls they are an extremely personal affair but Quaker Boy offers some of the best turkey calls in the business and their Box Blade is no exception. The raspy sound of the Box Blade is rather unique and offers a great distinction from every other box call on the market. The Box Blade was developed with aid from the guys from the Mossy Oak Turkey Thugs TV show which means a superior product at the great price of $30. You can get your Quaker Boy Turkey Thugs The Box Blade Box Turkey Call at Bass Pro Shops today!

Quaker Boy Turkey Thugs Thug Glass Friction Call

Like the Box Blade the Thug Glass friction call was developed side by side with guys like Bob Walker, Chris Kirby, and Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland who is the Executive VP over at Mossy Oak. Quaker Boy brings something interesting to the table with this particular friction call, you will notice that this one comes with a synthetic pot, acrylic surface and a waterproof carbon striker. The waterproof carbon striker has become something that we won’t hit the woods without because you never know when the sky will break and the clouds will let loose. For $20 you can give the gift of a Quaker Boy Turkey Thugs Thug Glass Friction Call.

Honorable Mention – PSE Archery Brute X Ready to Shoot Package

This bow happens to be my father’s favorite, we debated over this bow and the Bow Madness, they are both similar but he believes the Brute X to be the better value of the two. The Brute X Ready to Shoot package comes in at $500, for that you get the bow, a 3-pin Gemini sight, Whisker Buscuit QS arrowrest, Flexxtech stabilizer, Mongoose quiver, PSE neoprene sling, peep sight, and a nock loop all ready to go when you receive your bow on the mail. You can expect 312-320fps from the bow, it is also able to go from 25-30″ and comes in 50-70#, though the 50# with 200 grain Carbon Force arrows make this bow extremely fast and easy to shoot. Check out the PSE Archery Brute X RTS Compound Bow Packages for the one that matches you.

Don’t forget that all products for sale on Bad Poncho Tackle are available at 15% off using the promo code XMAS.

If you still have more shopping to do don’t forget to check out our friends over at Wired2Fish, Jason Sealock put together a pretty solid list that is worth taking a look at!

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