2011: A Year In Review

Throughout 2011 we have had the chance to play with some awesome new toys from all over the board, we have decided it is finally time to come back and hit some of our favorite products from 2011.


Abu Garcia Veritas: All I can really say about this rod is “wow”. This rod has given me a benchmark for which all other rods will be rated. For $100 we can’t wait to see the new 2012 models.

Berkley Lightning Rod Shock: Though this is a rod we picked up for our personal use it is worth noting with the $55 price tag and high quality standards that Berkley is noted for.

Boyd Duckett Rods: We used these while down on the great Lake Guntersville with guide Jake Davis of Mid-South Bass Guide service, truly a rod series worth looking into with true anglers making the rods it’s hard to go wrong.

Fenwick Elite Tech River Runner: We received this rod in the Super Light variety; even with the high flexibility of the rod we were still able to land 2lb bass and even feel the lightest of ticks. We are ready to check out the new lines of the Elite Tech rods.


Abu Garcia Revo Premier: The Revo line is known for being some of the best reels on the market, and for good reason. Throughout a season of beating up on this reel and switching the line type numerous times it still behaves as it did out of the box.

Pflueger Patriarch Spinning: This reel has been seen on a variety of rods that we own, thanks to the super-easy casting and high quality internals it has been highly integrated into our mandatory gear pile.

Pflueger Trion: Part of our $100 reel shoot out this reel stood out to us as being insanely easy to cast long distances and able to withstand a beating. Though it lacks the magnetic brake that many of today’s reels have you don’t notice it.


Berkley Nanofil: When looking for spinning line there really isn’t anything else we’d rather be using. The Nanofil casts easily and casts far, not to mention the superline sensitivity that can make the difference while vertical jigging or using rubber.

Spiderwire FluoroBraid: Everybody knows it can be a pain when your braid floats when using a crankbait or sinks when using a buzzbait, so Spiderwire came out with FluoroBraid, the best sinking braid on the market.

Spiderwire UltraCast: Though this product has been out for a while it is worth noting due to the industry standard that is the UltraCast line.


Assassinator Baits: This is really hard to narrow down due to their product line. The Clacker, Pro Assassinator, Crank-Spin-Buzz, and the Buzzbaits are all top-notch and more than worth the price. With the spinnerbaits rolling in at less than $5 we filled our boxes.

Berkley Flicker Shad: Berkley brought back a legend; this is something that needed to come back and has come back in force. The Flicker Shad is a great product from the Berkley line.

Berkley Havoc Series: If you follow us on Facebook you have seen our pictures and you know that some of our biggest fish came on these products. In all honesty I learned to fish plastics with these and I will continue to rely on the Berkley Havoc Series.

Hitch Series Trailer Keepers: These little things for less than $6 for a 20 pack are hard to ignore. They allowed us to only discard 5% of our plastics that we used, and that was only so they could be melted down. Oh, and that 20 pack should last all season or more.

Jackall: The products made by Jackall can only be rivaled by those of Sony. With technological advancements spilling out of every bait we cannot narrow it down to individual baits due to the amount of detail in each one.

Tightline Jigs: Though we have only seen these down south we brought some up with us and are glad we did so. If you get a chance to ever pick some of these up you better do so before everybody else discovers them.


PSE Bow Madness XS: We were lucky enough to pick up one of these bad boys earlier in the year, though we didn’t write up a review on this bow we felt it is worth mentioning. With the Field Package it is a must have for any archer.

PSE Nova Bowfishing Pkg: The 2011 model is one that stayed in our boat all year long; I even claimed my first carp with it. In the 2012 season PSE has dropped this bow in favor of the Wave which is a split-limb design that promises to be even better.


Mid-South Bass Guide: Though we showed up during one of the toughest weeks of the year Jake still managed to pull out a monster 7.5lb largemouth after 13 hours of fishing. Jake is a guide worth spending your day with even if you don’t catch, but when you do you really do catch ’em.

Mossy Oak: The Infinity pattern has become a staple of my fashion both in the woods and out of the woods. Whether I’m spending the day at home or going out I always have my favorite pattern on.

Quaker Boy Game Calls: The calls being put out by Quaker Boy are some of the best out there, with true hunters behind the company and the history they have in innovations they are a company worth keeping your eyes on.

theHunter: We have spent an insane amount of time playing this game and will continue to do so, if you find yourself in the virtual woods be sure to add us!

Faculty of Fishing: With hours upon hours of educational material on every freshwater species the Faculty of Fishing is a perfect present for any angler.

I would like to thank all of our partners, supporters, and readers for helping us on our premier year. We have quickly grown to over 1500 registered members on our website and we hope to keep on chuggin’ in the 2012 season. Please check out the links below, remember by supporting our partners you are supporting us!

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