Lake Report: Gun Lake – Shelbyville, Michigan

Gun Lake



Not wanting to miss a chance to fish because of the storms predicted for morning we left for the lake at midnight. We were hoping to get to fish until just after sunrise but the lightning ran us off the lake early. 3 hours was not enough to quench our thirst so we were already planning an outing for the evening. Well a short trip is better than none at all.

The primary reason we couldn’t wait to get on the lake till morning was the storm but there was another reason. We had just received some Assasinator night baits in the mail. From the second we opened the box we could tell they were exactly what we were looking for. With two very different styles of night baits in our hands we had to decide who would fish which one. As a rule most of the time for night fishing we use a thumping spinnerbait now we had a clacking spinner to try!!!! After a short discussion it was decided Bad would use the more traditional lure and I would try the clacker.

Gun Lake was a good place to test these baits as it only took a few minutes for the clacker to take the lead with the first keeper in the boat. We did take turns with both spinnerbaits the thumper style felt really good with a lot of feedback to the rod. The Assasinator Clacker has a feel that was different than any other I have ever felt. Honestly I was not sure what to think at first but when it started to produce at a rate of three to one from the bait I would usually use I was sold. Bad did catch a couple of nice fish on the Colorado bladed bait and one on the Assasinator buzzbait. The lake was kind enough to give up a limit in a short time with one being over three pounds. Shayla was even able to get in on the action but lost the big fish for the trip. She is pretty new at fishing so she took it kind of hard but she will have to get used to that it happens to everyone.

Gun Lake and the Assasinator baits both produced well for the night shift let’s see how they do later on today in the sun on a new lake. Home for some rest then to Delton to fish Upper Crooked for the afternoon bite.

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